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The art of intention ...

I was at an exhibition last week and it was nice to meet up with friends and other art lovers who understand what it takes to produce art. I was telling them how irregular my artwork has been. How difficult it was for me to set aside just a few hours during the day to work, truly professionally as an artist. I sort of produce whatever I feel at the moment in the day or maybe out of the blue I was writing something during the weekend. My art schedule is not predictable and I am always on the edge of losing my muse. I often freak out when I don’t feel "artistic".

Luckily, a comment from a friend in the art circle came to the rescue. She says we are not a clock nor a machine and everybody is different. I suppose it is what it is. I am different because the way I approach art is different. So how I produce art is different from others.

For me, creative writing and photography is a way to get back on track with my emotions, of filling in the void of whatever I wish to do, or getting closer to anything that I can’t do for the time being. It clears my head. This week, you will see a new photography collection of mine, posted on the gallery section, which is probably my most favorite as of now. I continue to develop the vintage touch, an effect that I hold dear to my heart. However, the shade of light has become much lighter, brighter and it resembles an ancient city, a flash back of an old movie, or something that is slightly surreal.

I am not going to detect much into this new collection.

Simply put, this is the way I conceive light right now. The space that is lost in between the photos is perhaps what I call art, something more of a work in progress rather than anything fixed or rigid.

I suppose my style has changed somewhat. No explanation is able to translate images into words. Just take me as I am right now.