Sen3 Art at a glance

Sen3 Art is an online art blog and gallery, deeply rooted in the concept of personal development through reflection of nature. It features an innovative and creative lifestyle by means of art writing and photography. One of three important pillars in Sen3 Art Blog is Art Impression, which features artworks or objects that are inspired by nature. Authentic self is believed to be discovered through various forms of art expression.

How did Sen3 Art happen?

Founded in 2013, Sen3 Art is about realizing the importance of paying attention to little moments in life when pure beauty of simplicity can make a significant impact on one’s spiritual growth. Sen3 Art has been a channel of communication and a journey to unfold a strong and stable foundation for a blissful life: body, mind and spirit.

What does Sen3 Art stand for?

Creativity by Nature

Sen3 Art writing is based on reflection of the moment, and by no means a fixed view or perspective. Writing through expression of nature is part of personal learning, changing and growing.