Blog - Art Impression

The Landscape of Iron

Image courtesy of Gallery Artvera's, Geneva

The softside of iron

The breakdown of Tao

 The truth in motion

 The landscape of feeling

 The poetry of images

 The emotion of ink

 The paint and the spirituality

 All but none is mine

 Everything is yet by me

 Nothing escapes

 Nothing holds

 I am the passage

 In motion you see me

 In material I am hidden

 Way above the rituals

 Beyond the touchable

 I am invisible

 At times you can hear

 The whisper of landscape

 Deep inside a voice

 Far away hides an echo

 I am given or am I taken?


The speed and process

 The known and the unknown

 Images and projection

 Far and Near

 Loud and Silent

 Running and standing still

 Motion in painting

 Breathing of words

 Moving away in my head

 An idea that keeps turning

 In my hand runs a river

 In my eyes flies a bird

Water falls in my heart

 I am wordless

 Only the iron to show

 Black ink that seizes me

 Emotion of impression

 Right now in this moment

 I want to be seen

 As new life of steel

 Innocence of wood

 Spirit in projection


Art as unseen

 Art to be told

 Art to be lived

 I am in discovery

 A new way of art

 Surprises keep coming

 Through my life as normal

 From people that bring

 Ideas to ideas

 Concepts match concepts

 Meaning of landscape

 No matter how far

 Unlocked in the script

 A letter that shines

 Expression completes

 Technique becomes void

 Time now to depart

 To a place I call

 An innate mountain

 An unborn landscape

 where art that I seek

 Through the Tao I know