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The X element of Stella

Image courtesy of Grob Gallery, Geneva














She dreams on boundless blanket of stars

As brightly as the Universe

Mediated, in the waves of strength

Through her dreamy eyes

Stillness as ancient time passes by

Travels in space, like a stream of soft air

She will return to the door of Love

She moves with winkles of eyes

She laughs in colors of rainbow

Light in spirit

Over boundaries at gate of Heaven

Waving past stardom of Cosmos

Flies away with desire of Love

Once injured with strokes of power

The story has just begun

With the name, Stella

Now she writes

On green leaves and red roses

On earthy grass where she stands

Bird, clouds, water she has touched

Never again needs healing

Story time is when she turns

A magic wheel of wonder wishes

Forever joy and happiness

Either through darkness or sorrow

Lies right here a gleaming lake

Flapping wings that make no sound

Merry-go-round calls in the crowd

But only few can hear her speak

Bringing her into the book

Fragility may seem the look

Silence will draw up her strength

She begins to rest

While the world rages on

She is Stella